Ximagic Photoshop plugins
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Each license covers the installation of the plug-ins in two computers.

One license is valid for any number of plug-ins you install/use on the licensed computers.

The license covers all the plug-ins versions published during one year after the purchase or renewal date.

Buy License (30€)


If you own a Ximagic license but it is older than one year, and so it doesn't cover new versions currently, you can renew the license

To be elegible for a license renewal, you have to include your owned Ximagic License code in the field above the "pay now" button.

The renewal requests are reviewed after you made the payment. If you don't include a valid license code in the payment, the payment will be returned and no license will be delivered.

You can get your license code, either from the e-mail which we sent you when you purchased it, or from the "System Info" window in an activated plug-in

Renew License (15€)

Your current Ximagic license