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High noise sample image with artifacts and color noise (v 2.10.1)

This is a really difficult image to denoise. It has color noise and highly visible compression artifacts
When there is color noise in the image, the first step should be to remove it. Removing color noise removes also jpeg compression artifacts.
After removing color noise, because the remaining noise is high we should remove it in two steps, using wavelets and NLM. We can't do it with wavelets or NLM only.

Click on links to select left image original
Step 1.- Remove color noise (DWT 800 VisuShrink Soft Q3 / Channels Cb,Cr)

Step 2.- Removing noise (NLM 30x16x3 enhanced / Channels Y,Cb,Cr)

Step 3.- Soften (CWT 400 VisuShrink Hard / Channels Y,Cb,Cr)

Optionally sharpen (Photoshop auto focus)